About Us

This year represents JMB Systems, Inc. 22th year as a consulting services company. Much within the industry we serve and the services we provide have changed in that time, what will never change are our personal commitment, loyalty and passion for our client’s objectives.

Since the companies inception in 1986 our mission has always remained the same – provide the resources with the ability to assist in identifying and executing our client’s strategic objectives.

Our holistic approach looks to strike the proper balance between your company’s strategic initiatives and its ability to execute them. Working with your people, exposing reality and acting upon it by assessing and improving process and by implementing best practices methods that increase your organizations capabilities.

Integrity, objectivity, reliability, loyalty, leadership and passion are at the core of our service delivery model. These are the traits that are essential when managing a multi million dollar project or as an interim leader when a department is in crisis.

With a roll up our sleeves and lets get it done attitude, you can count on us to get the job done when you want it done right.

Bruce S. Brinkerhoff

Da Vinci’s glider could have been the first heavier-than-air craft flown had he been able to overcome the problems with the materials available at the time.